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Web and Graphic Design, Generative Digital Art, Video Editing and Multimedia Production, 3D modeling, Product Design, Interactive Art Installations...

See some of our latest works:

- PULSE performance incorporates projection of sound-reactive animations and contemporary dance.

- Cosmic Time is a digital art light installation which conceptually questioning the audience on how we perceive time and how we see time as a temporal experience.

- Dissection of Reality is a mixed media art installation that explores ecology subjects of anthropocene epoch, designed and build by the London-based artist Hristo Yordanov who embodies the fusion of art, science, and technology into this contemporary art piece.

- Fairlight demo group - a generative art review about Swedish demosceners.

- Sweet dreams factory (Tate and Lyle) - short digital art video and animation, watch it on YouTube.

- Interactive generative drawing after Piet Mondrian. Create your own sound and visual composition.

- Old school style 2D game similar to Super Mario, please note: playable on devices with a keyboard only (use left or right arrows to move and space to jump).

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